RxJava: the pragmatic way

Agenda (1 day):
  • Introduction: basic concepts and architecture
  • Backpressure
  • Integration with other tools and frameworks
  • Testing

About the workshop:

This workshop lets you commit reactive code the next day in your work. Whether you maintain legacy application or starting a greenfield project. You’ll learn why do we need reactive programming, when to use it, how to use RxJava, how to migrate existing applications, how to integrate with existing frameworks, test and avoid common mistakes. You’ll learn how to create asynchronous, performant and maintainable applications with simple and readable code.

You are:

Intermediate or senior java developer

You'll need:
  • The laptop use for everyday’s java development
  • Java 8
  • Git
  • Favourite IDE + gradle plugin (intellij idea community is enough; no gradle knowledge is required)
  • Optional: docker (to run tools we would like to integrate with)
  • Clone and follow instructions: https://github.com/piotrturski/RxJava-training

You will learn:

Ability to use RxJava on production