Real world java for non-java developers

Agenda (2+ days):
  • installation, configuration, basics concepts
  • IDEs
  • build tools & dependency management
  • enterprise java, web applications, servers, storage, clustering, microservices
  • debugging,
  • jvm internals, monitoring, tuning, advanced concepts
  • testing (unit, integration, db, performance)
  • ecosystem: common tools, libraries, frameworks
  • integration with other jvm and non-jvm languages
  • current most common java jobs requirements
About the workshop:

This training is not about the java language. You can learn java language by reading two books. But syntax is not enough to build production-ready applications. This training is about what's needed after reading those two books. You'll learn about industry standards, methods and tools used to deliver production-ready applications and working in a java team. If you are a professional software developer and you want to start your commercial career in java world, this training is for you. It will give you understanding of java ecosystem and ability to plan and continue learning on your own.

This training is a mixture of a workshop and a lecture. Depending on the desired duration and how deep you want to go with specific topics, the proportion will vary.

  • professional software developer
  • know java language
  • want to start working commercially in java

You'll need:
  • any OS
  • git
  • VirtualBox (in case of any problems with your OS we'll switch to ubuntu)
  • docker
  • ~3 GB of free ram

You will learn:

Understanding java ecosystem and ability to continue learning on your own