About me

I'm an IT consultant, hands-on software architect, team leader, java developer. I created Testegration - Integration Testing Framework for Java. But it's not just my work. I'm also an open-source creator (zohhak), conference speaker and a blogger.

I care about delivering business value which usually means not only working software but also:
  • speaking business language, not technical gibberish
  • long-term stable maintenance and adjustment to constantly changing scope and requirements
  • understanding business process to offer solutions with best benefit-cost ratio
  • sometimes delivering quick-win solutions and later replacing them with long-term ones in a controlled manner
  • thinking ahead
  • having plan B
In my career I was doing variety of tasks, including: rescuing falling projects, feasibility analysis, performance tuning, project kick-offs, proof of concepts, giving trainings, advocating new technologies in company's technology stack, choosing vendors, gathering requirements, facing clients. I also had the opportunity to work in many different fields, some of them were:
  • AI in healthcare
  • big data
  • proximity marketing
  • high volume central authorization system
  • systems integration
  • real time statistics
  • medical protocol violations tracking
  • identity correlation and synchronization
And a bit more technically: I'm a Haskeller wannabe and a big fan of automated testing, CI/CD, code reviews, functional languages and polyglot programming. I do my best to stick to clean code and software craftsmanship principles. I believe that if an application can't run on developer's laptop then it's too heavy. And I can't live without git.